Lepidoptera and friends.

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science side of tumblr what is the point of moths like what do they to contribute to the world

Some species of moths are night-time pollinators - they take over when butterflies and other bugs get off work. They also add beauty! And honestly, a living thing doesn’t have to have “a point” from a human perspective to be worthy of its life.

Not to mention they also play a critical role in the food chain, to the point that even creatures as large and fearsome as north american bears will seek them out in abundance to help bolster their fat reserves before hibernating. A lot of animals would have a very hard time without moths. :>

Yeah but what about mosquitoes then?

The answer to this one lays in the fact that many people forget what a mosquito larvae is


They are the staple food source for many aquatic and semi aquatic animals. Without mosquitoes, many aquatic food chains would be very worse for wear. Frogs, fish, salamander, etc all rely on the wealth of mosquito larvae in the water to thrive.  The ecological fallout from there on only multiplies. 
You don’t want a world without these awful little beasties, trust me :>

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